FAQ: Can Triops Live With Fish?

Can you put Triops with fish?

Yes you can put Triops in with tropical freshwater fish. Obviously if you’ve got big fish (anything over 3 inches in size) like Chiclids then they may decide that the Triops are a meal and eat them!

What fish can be kept with Triops?

Triops (aka tadpole shrimp) are hardy little buggers that have survived as a species for over 200 million years. So they can put up with a few goldfish, right? If you take the right precautions and provide proper care for both species, triops and goldfish can be amicable tank mates.

Can Triops live with betta fish?

No. Triops are not meant to cohabitate with fish.

Can Triops live with shrimp?

Registered. I kept triops with cherry shrimp for some time (months) without any problems, but the triops had plenty to eat. They’re highly opportunistic, if they come on an easy kill like a sick or injured shrimp they’d happily do it, but they don’t actively hunt if they have another, easier food source.

Can triops reproduce by themselves?

Triops are small crustaceans. They are often known as dinosaur or tadpole shrimp. Triops can be male or female, or may be hermaphroditic with female tendencies. This means some triops can occasionally reproduce by themselves, although having more than one triop can increase the chances of breeding.

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Are triops asexual?

In most cases you don’t even need two triops, as they can breed parthenogenetically—asexual reproduction. They can be quite easy to breed and secure future hatchings.

Are Triops cannibals?

Triops are cannibals, and you’ll only end up with two or three by the time they’re full grown anyway. The nutrient “tea bag” provided with your kit contains even smaller swimmers for your baby triops to eat.

Can Triops live with sea monkeys?

Sea Monkeys are really Brine Shrimp. They grow to be about 1 inch long and basically they just float around on their backs. “Triops on the other hand can grow to be about 3 inches long and are much more active. They swim all around, dig in the sand, and eat sea monkeys.

Why are they called Triops?

The name Triops comes from the Greek τρία (tría) meaning “three” and ὤψ (ops) meaning “eye”. The head of T. longicaudatus bears a pair of dorsal compound eyes that lie close to each other and are nearly fused together. The compound eyes are generally sessile (not stalked).

Do triops need heaters?

No, they don’t really need it. They also don’t really need clear water, water changes, feeding, or anything aesthetic.

Do triops eggs expire?

They’re low-commitment, too: Triops only live for 1–3 months (less if they eat each other). And when one batch dies out, you can dry out the soil or sand in the tank and transfer it to fresh water. If resting eggs are in the sand, with the proper care, you’ll soon have another group of triops.

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Are there different types of triops?

Not extinct

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