FAQ: What Is A Banana Fish?

How do you describe Banana Fish?

They’re very ordinary-looking fish when they swim in. But once they get in, they behave like pigs. Why, I’ve known some bananafish to swim into a banana hole and eat as many as seventy-eight bananas.” He edged the float and its passenger a foot closer to the horizon.

How sad is Banana Fish?

Banana Fish tackles some pretty heavy topics with gut-wrenching moments, making it one of the saddest animes to watch. The series has been praised as a successful crossover between shojo and shonen manga, and for its influence on boys’ love anime for its depiction of the relationship between Ash and Eiji.

Does ash like Eiji?

Based on their journey together and the feelings they shared, it is clear that Eiji and Ash’s souls are forever tied. Despite not engaging in romantic activities, Eiji was considered to be Ash’s beloved, and Sing pointed out that the two boys shared a bond between their souls.

Is Banana Fish emotional?

While Banana Fish can be an emotional and disturbing ride, it is impactful and deeply moving. The characters are real and relatable, especially in the handling of trauma.

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Does Banana Fish end sad?

Absolutely. In every way. For Ash, for everyone who loved him. We see how Ash has permanently left them affected by his passing in the epilogue(s).

Is given sad?

While given doesn’t need to be anything more than a romance to be a good Boy Love anime, its handling of grief makes it one of the best anime stories detailing the subject regardless of genre. The story isn’t about this sadness; it’s about Mafuyu’s life after his trauma.

Why do people find Banana Fish sad?

Banana Fish is so sad because it showed awful things that also sometimes happen in real life. Also, it’s so sad because the main character Ash (personally my favorite character) is only happy the one moment before he dies, and Ash went through all those terrible terrifying things.

Does Ash confess to Eiji?

So. If you want a yes/no answer as to whether Ash and Eiji have an explicitly stated romantic/sexual relationship in official media, the answer is No. That being said, they have a deep, complicated relationship that’s difficult to define.

How old was Eiji when Ash died?

So, someone posted the official BF timeline, and Ash is 18 when he dies, not 19. He dies early (Feb) 1987, which means he’s not yet 19. (He would have turned 19 only on August 12, 1987 – his birthdate was August 12 1968.)

Is Eiji Okumura straight?

Eiji Okumura (奥村 英二) is a queer character from Banana Fish.

Is Ash actually dead in Banana Fish?

In the manga, Ash was confirmed to be deceased (through the Garden of Light side story) but in the anime Ash’s status still being unknown whereas he is still alive or dead, makes it as open ending.

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Is Banana Fish worth the pain?

One thing I should say as a fellow emotional person, it’s worth the pain. It’s a show, the pain might last a while but it will fade eventually, and you will be left with happy memories and the pride of having watched such an amazing show. This ones a heavy hitter.

What should I watch after Banana Fish?

10 Anime To Watch If You Loved Banana Fish

  • 3 Gangtsa.
  • 4 Given.
  • 5 Baccano!
  • 6 Black Lagoon.
  • 7 Death Note.
  • 8 Bungou Stray Dogs.
  • 9 Monster.
  • 10 91 Days. Angelo Lagusa witnessed the Vanetti mafia family slaughter his entire family.

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