How To Catch Tiger Fish In Summertime Saga?

How do you get lure in summertime saga?

The combination is Octopus – Mermaid – Octopus – Anchor. Use the key to unlock the chest and the golden compass is finally yours! Return to the pier and give the compass to Captain Terry. He’ll give you the golden lure, and you can now begin Aqua’s storyline.

How do you get fish for dinner in summertime saga?

Come home during the night to overhear Debbie talking with Dianne in the kitchen about your relationship. The next day head into the kitchen and Debbie will ask you to get her a sea trout from the pier to cook for dinner that night as she’s having Dianne over again. This will unlock the new pier location.

How do you fish in aqua summertime?

Go fishing: use the golden lure on the hole in seafloor. Aqua will steal the lure and you have to follow her. First defeat the octopus, and then escape the cave (Up-Up-Left-Left-Up-Right-Up). Once in Aqua’s lair offer her your help and return with captain Terry.

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How can I pass my gym class in the summer?

Gym Class. While gym appears on your report card there isn’t any way to progress with this storyline just yet. Even if you have your stats maxed out you currently can’t pass the gym test and raise your grade.

How do you unlock church in summer?

Complete the first leg of the French Class quest line (up to the point where Miss Bissette gives you a private lesson) in Summertime Saga, then speak with Mia either during science class in the mornings, or outside the front of her house in the afternoon.

How do you get the fish for Diane?

Debbie asks you to buy a Sea Trout, so head to the pier and talk to Captain Terry to buy the fish. You can also catch it yourself if you have a fishing rod and the right lure. Take the trout back to Debbie and she’ll prepare it for dinner in the evening. Enjoy the food, and the teasing under the table.

How do you unlock Tony’s Pizza?

During Diane’s storyline you’ll be asked to deliver milk to Tony’s Pizza, which will open The Pizzeria as a location on your map. Go to the Pizzeria and talk to Tony about becoming a delivery boy and he’ll tell you to come back later. Return the next day to talk to him again.

How do you get to Consuela?

Summertime Saga Guide – Consuela Go to the mayor’s mansion during the afternoon. Follow the maid to the patio after hearing the fight and you will meet Consuela. Go to the main room and hide under the bed. The next day you will have to go back to the mansion and talk to Melonia about Consuela.

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How do I meet Aqua?

Beat the enemy, then swim through the underwater maze before you run out of air. To get out of the maze, go up, up, left, left, up, right, then up. You’ll then discover Aqua’s lair. Talk to Aqua once to retrieve the golden lure.

Where can I find the key in summertime saga?

To get the Master Key head into Mrs Smith’s office on the 3rd floor at school during the afternoon. Usually, her office will be empty and you can go into her desk to get the key.

How can I get dexterity in summer?

You can improve your dexterity by playing a mini-game at the gym by selecting the old man and the punching bag – but first you will need to complete a request for him. Once you’ve unlocked the mini-game press the keys in the correct order to complete the mini-game and level up.

How can I visit MIA in summer?

Talk to Mia either in science class in the mornings or outside her house in the afternoons and she will tell you to come to her room at night so you can study. When it’s night time if you click on her front door you’ll see a scene where you sneak in.

What is the password of Pink Channel?

The one from the Pink Channel has her login details (ID: L6BV12R password: 12345 ).

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