Okuyucular soruyor: Is Jbl Novo Guppy Suitable For Gold Fish?

Can I put a goldfish with my guppies?

The answer is YES, guppies and Goldfish can coexist together. However, bigger goldfish have the capability of eating the smaller guppy fish. Although both, goldfish and guppy fish have a peaceful behavior, you still need to take some precautions in order to protect your guppies from the goldfish.

Can you give guppies goldfish food?

Yes, guppies can eat goldfish flakes, but they lack certain vital nutrients that guppies need in their diet. Tropical flakes are more nutritionally complete, and they are specifically formulated to meet the dietary needs of omnivorous fish like guppies.

What is the best fish food for guppies?

Brine shrimp, frozen bloodworms, tubifex worms, mosquito larvae, etc., all make great food for guppies. Although feeding wet food can cause problems occasionally, it is generally considered safe.

Are fish flakes good for guppies?

Guppies Diet. Guppies eat a wide variety of foods in the wild, including algae and water insect larvae. By feeding them a quality flake food designed for tropical fish, you can enhance the colour of your guppy. But if that isn’t important to you, any quality flake food should be fine for them.

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Can goldfish live with bettas?

If you’re seeking an answer to the question, “can Betta fish live with Goldfish”, the short answer is YES they can. However, the arrangement won’t be ideal for either fish. Keep reading on to learn why keeping Betta in the same tank as Goldfish isn’t recommended.

Can I mix guppies with angelfish?

Guppies. Unknown to most people, Guppies can sometime make great tank mates for Angelfish. If you plan to keep these fish together, you should introduce them while the Angelfish are young and small. This way, your Angelfish will see the Guppies as tank mates instead of food.

Do guppies eat their babies?

After giving birth to their offspring, guppy fish will not exhibit any parental care and if left in the same aquarium with the fry, they will mistake them for food and eat them. A further explanation is that by eating her own fry, the female guppy is replenishing her fat storage.

What is the life expectancy of a guppy?

Guppies can live as long as four or five years if they’re looked after properly. However, it’s more common for them to live between just one and two years.

Can guppies eat Tetra food?

Tetra Tropical Color Flakes The Tetra Tropical Color flakes provide all the nutrition guppies need. This food is ideal for guppies and other top feeder fish, because the flakes float on the surface for a long time. If you want to speed up the growth of your baby guppies, feed them with this food.

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What are guppies favorite food?

Brine shrimp is the number one food for guppies, especially if they are feed live to your fish. Brine shrimp has a 60% protein content and around 25% fat and carbohydrates. A high level of protein, fat and carbohydrates will allow your guppy fry grow bigger and faster. Adult are also love consuming brine shrimp.

How often should guppies be fed?

Mature Guppies Feed adult guppies once or twice a day. At least one meal should consist of live food. Unlike young fish, whose frequent meals support rapid development, adults function well with fewer meals.

Do guppies like light or dark?

Guppies need darkness to be able to rest. Having the lights always on might eventually result in dead fish. Guppies need at least 6-8 hours of sleep a day.

Can guppies eat cucumber?

Guppies can eat human food like cucumber, carrots, spinach, cauliflower, peas, broccoli, cabbage, kale, potato (sweet and regular), zucchini, tomatoes, lettuce, bell paper, pumpkin, corn.

How many guppies should be kept together?

Guppies should be kept in trios – 2 females to each male. Yeah, this is so important we’re sayin’ it twice. Not only does this better the chances of reproduction, but female guppies are also less likely to become territorial than males- so you’re more likely to keep a peaceful aquarium.

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