Okuyucular soruyor: Where To Fish In Dubai?

Do you need a fishing license in Dubai?

Although fishing is allowed throughout the year, a licence is required to be able to fish in Dubai.

Is fishing allowed in Dubai Creek?

With a recreational fishing license, you can fish at: Al Garhoud and Maktoum Bridge. Al Seef Road. Dubai Creek.

Where is fishing allowed in UAE?

Net fishing is permitted in the waters of Abu Dhabi except for the areas banned by Law No. 23 of 1999 on the Exploitation and Protection of Living Aquatic Resources in the UAE (PDF), and the related local decisions.

Are there fish in Dubai Marina?

FISHING TRIP DUBAI No matter if you are a beginner fisherman or a professional angler, the warm Arabian waters are full of all types of fish, including cobia, king fish, small shark, hammour, Sultan Ibrahim, sherry and barracuda.

Are there sharks in Dubai?

Whale sharks, which eat plankton and don’t attack humans, are one of the 29 different kinds of species calling the waters off Dubai home. They include hammerhead, white cheek, tiger and gray reef sharks. “There are over 500 species of sharks and only 10 of those species are considered dangerous.

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How much does a fishing license cost in Dubai?

The cost of getting a licence depends on the Emirate. In Dubai this procedure is provided free of charge, in Sharjah and Fujairah it costs 50 AED in Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman — 110 AED, and in Abu Dhabi — 120 AED.

Can Tourist fish in Dubai?

Currently, only citizens and residents can apply for a fishing licence in Dubai. Tourists have to go through licenced vendors to be able to fish in Dubai. Fishing without a licence calls for a fine of AED 500 – AED 1k. Dubai fishing licences permit the holder to fish only with a fishing rod or reel.

What sea is Dubai?

The emirate of Dubai is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and is one of the seven emirates that make up the country.

What is recreational fishing license?

Recreational fishing licence This service enables the customer to obtain a licence for recreational fishing using the fishing rod only. This licence allows fishing from the coast, or using a boat in coastal waters of the emirate of Dubai.

Where can I fish without a license in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi: More and more people are fishing at the Breakwater on Abu Dhabi Corniche without a licence. According to Federal Law number 23, people must get a licence issued by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi for angling on the beaches.

Is fishing allowed in Umm Al Quwain?

You have got to experience it! With some of the best fishing waters in the UAE, Umm Al Quwain offers a wide variety of types of fishing and a large school of fish to choose from!

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Where can I fish in Sharjah?

Fishing areas near me in Sharjah:

  • Al Mamzar Beach Park.
  • Al Heera Beach.
  • Al Khan Lagoon.
  • Al Hamriya Beach.
  • Kalba Beach.
  • Dibba Al Hisn Water Canal.
  • Lulayah Beach.

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