Travel Hacks for Hunters

Taking a hunting trip is complex.

From picking your lodge to planning the stops to loading the luggage, you need to think it all through thoroughly.

Call us optimistic, call us deceived, call us big-headed, call us whatever you like, but what we have for you right here are all the traveling hacks you’ll ever need for your hunting trip.

From guaranteeing you never miss a deal on the trip of a lifetime to making sure your electronic devices are constantly functioning to treating yourself to a little VIP treatment, it’s all right here.

Pre-Trip Planning

Set up a price watch app months beforehand

It may feel too early to prepare for the July 4th weekend, but when is the very best (i.e. most inexpensive) time to book a trip?

Register for a travel app like Hopper and let them tell you when the price is right. The fact is that there’s no “right” time to purchase your flight. Not six months out. Not 4 months out. Not 2 weeks early. Experienced vacationers set an alert and let the best price come to them.

Switch on ‘Private Browsing’ for less expensive flights

Airline companies and travel sites can watch your searches by installing cookies on your browser.

This can cause the prices you’re shown to rise simply because you’ve looked at the same tickets before. This will fool you into buying early to avoid the price rising further. Setting your browser to private (or incognito) browsing will take care of this.

Try separate booking flights

Sometimes you can score cheaper tickets when you shop for one-way tickets using multiple carriers instead of only searching for round-trip flights with the same company.

This will also allow you to apply reward miles to one leg when you don’t have enough to cover the full round trip.

When traveling in a group, compare the prices you get separately versus as a group. Sometimes there may only be a few discounted tickets and reservation platforms will price group tickets all the same (at a higher price) rather than using up all the discounted fares and giving the higher cost to the remaining passengers.